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Frequently Asked Questions

About the project

What is TruBlo?

TruBlo is the acronym for “Trusted and reliable content on future blockchains”. TruBlo is a European project funded by the European Commission under the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme and the call topic ICT-54. As such, it is part of the European Commission’s Next Generation Internet (NGI) initiative. The project has a duration of three years, until September 2023.

What is NGI?

The Next Generation Internet (NGI) initiative, launched by the European Commission in the autumn of 2016, aims to shape the future internet as an interoperable platform ecosystem that embodies the values that Europe holds : 

  • openness;
  • inclusivity;
  • transparency;
  • privacy;
  • cooperation;
  • and protection of data. 

The NGI initiative aims to drive this technological revolution and ensure the progressive adoption of advanced concepts and methodologies spanning the domains of artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, interactive technologies and more, while contributing to making the future internet more human-centric.

What projects will be funded by TruBlo?

TruBlo has defined two use cases to create a broad frame for selectable ideas:

Use case 1: Trust and reputation models on blockchains. 

This use case targets innovative applications, technologies, technical approaches and methodologies that increase the levels of trust in blockchain-based information exchange, with emphasis on user generated content on the Internet and social media, considering also data from IoT infrastructures.

Call topics can include: 

  • Engineering of level of trust (from the device, to the application and user-level) 
  • Reputation measuring and assessment based on history of transactions as these are being recorded, flexible
  • Easy to use and understand reputation models applied on blockchain applications, and others. 
  • New ways of monetizing premium user generated content, apply GDPR compliant privacy enhanced blockchains, and apply KYC approaches on blockchains and application related to copyrights on user generated content.

Use case 2: Proof-of-validity and proof-of-location. 

This use case focus is on innovative mechanisms to increase transparency and trustworthiness of user generated genuine content. The users, as being part of a blockchain, can apply additional verification mechanisms to increase transparency, validity and high level of trustworthiness, such as Proof- of-Location and Proof-of Validity.

Call topics can include:

  • Privacy
  • Encryption
  • Content Validation
  • Content Location
  • Fake news 
  • Misinformation
  • Disinformation
  • Verification

All three open calls will look for proposals for both defined use cases so that the sourcing of teams can simultaneously contribute to both of them. 

Following the spirit of the H2020 Call ICT-54 Blockchain for the Next Generation Internet, the TruBlo Research and Innovation Action encourages open source software and open hardware design, open access to data, standardisation activities, access to testing and operational infrastructure as well as an IPR regime ensuring interoperability, reusability of results, lasting and sustainable impact.

Are there specific technologies which are supported?

It is expected that blockchain technology can boost new forms of distributed trust. But the project is open for suggestions which are innovations in areas which do not need blockchain. 

For all projects using blockchain technologies TruBlo project partner Alastria can provide both hosting and technical advice. For projects using different technologies to achieve distributed trust this direct infrastructure provision is not possible, but applicants can – in this case – use technical platforms available in the market. 

What are the phases of the open calls?

All three open calls of TruBlo have two phases:

  • The first phase has the aim to produce ground-breaking research results on one of the two selected use cases.
  • The second phase where only selected teams will continue their innovation plan with extended funding, providing more tangible prototypes, closer to market and Minimum Viable Products (MVP).
Where does the funding come from?

Funding to selected projects is given by the TruBlo consortium under a Sub-Grantee Agreement signed by the selected applicants and the TruBlo consortium. The funds are given by the European Commission (Horizon 2020 Framework Programme), which uses TruBlo as intermediary.

How the funding works

How does the funding mechanism work?

The aid provided is relying on a cascade-funding scheme involving H2020 funds.

The scheme is based on a Grant Agreement signed by the European Commission and the TruBlo consortium partners.

The Consortium partners as such receive the H2020 funds which are then transferred to the winners of the TruBlo open calls based on the rules and regulations explained in the Guide for Applicant available at our website. This means that funds that will be received by the call winners are H2020 funds.

What is cascade funding?

Cascade Funding, also known as Financial Support to Third Parties (FSTP), is a mechanism of the European Commission to distribute public funds in order to create new companies, increase their scalability, SMEs and / or mid-cap companies, in the adoption or development of digital innovation. The main objective of this financing method is to simplify administrative procedures with SMEs, thus allowing some projects financed by the EU to issue, in turn, open calls to obtain more funding.

Who is eligible for the three open calls?

Here are the details:

  • Natural person(s) established in any eligible countries. This does not consider the country of origin but the residence permit.
  • Legal entities established in an eligible country such as universities, research centres, NGOs, foundations, micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (see definition of SME according to the Commission Recommendation 2003/361/EC)
  • Any combination of the above.

In addition, the following conditions apply:

  • The organisations or individuals applying must not have convictions for fraudulent behaviour, other financial irregularities, unethical or illegal business practices.
  • participating organisations should not have been declared bankrupt or have initiated bankruptcy procedures.
  • All documents you’ll need can be found on our page “Apply
What are the countries eligible for funding by TruBlo?

Only Applicants legally established/resident in any of the following countries are eligible:

  • The Member States (MS) of the European Union (EU), including their outermost regions;
  • The Overseas Countries and Territories (OCT) linked to the Member States;
  • H2020 associated countries (those which signed an agreement with the Union as identified in Article 7 of the Horizon 2020 Regulation): according to the updated list published by the EC;
  • UK applicants are eligible under the conditions set by the EC for H2020 participation at the time of the deadline of the call.


Can a legal entity or natural person in the UK apply for funding by TruBlo?

Under the Withdrawal Agreement, the UK will continue to participate in programmes funded under the current 2014-2020 Multi-annual Financial Framework (MFF) till their closure. This means that UK participants are eligible for funding by TruBlo.

How to participate

What are the dates of the open calls?

Call 1:
Open for admission January 18, 2021 (12:00 PM CET)

Deadline: March 19, 2021 (17:00)

Budget: €950.000

The first open call aims at selecting 10 projects led and excecuted by a critical number of developers, innovators, researchers, SMEs and entrepreneurs in the field of blockchain related technologies, such as AI, IoT, cloud and other relates fields.

Two beneficiaries out of these ten projects will be selected to further develop and elaborate their concepts in phase 2 of this first open call.

Phase 1: Innovation (for the first call)

14th June 2021 – 11th March 2022

To develop the proposed TruBlo project and prepare a publication (whitepaper or scientific article) describing their solution

Duration: 9 months
Funding per project: € 75.000

Phase 2- Progress (for the first call)

14th March 2022 – 16th September 2022

To develop activities associated with the demonstration/ piloting as well as promotion and exploitation of their project, building an MVP as demonstrator and aiming to engage new customers and/or partners and/or investors.

How do I apply?

When one of our three open calls is open, the application process is managed via the F6S platform. F6S is a partner in Trublo and a worldwide hub for entrepreneurs and startups with 3,6 million users. 

Use the TruBlo page for first orientation and as a starting point. All PDFs you need for the application can be found on our “Apply”- Page. 

Where can I submit my proposal?

Proposals must be submitted electronically, using the TruBlo Online Submission Service. Proposals submitted by any other means will not be evaluated.

Can I apply for all three calls of TruBlo?

Yes, you can. But note that the maximum funding one beneficiary can receive from the whole TruBlo project is limited to €200,000. 

What information is required for the application?

Applicants have to provide two documents:

  • Application form: We ask for answers to administrative questions to be completed directly in the F6S platform.
  • Proposal description: document in PDF format containing the description of the project.

Once the first TruBlo call is active the project will provide links and further information material for applicants to make the process as simple as possible. 

Have a question not answered here? Get in touch. 

For any other questions, please write us at

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