Enabling trust in the reporting of transportation carbon emissions

Project Description

CO2Path brings verifiability and trust to carbon emissions reporting and helps the transportation and logistics industry fulfil its role in mitigating the climate emergency. It is a data platform for transport carbon accounting addressing supply chain stakeholders. This includes goods producers, goods importers and transport operators, i.e., freight forwarders and carriers. The CO2Path platform is an infrastructure enabling supply chain stakeholders to reliably and verifiably track and report their Scope 3 emissions from upstream and downstream transportation, aligned with the Scope 3 Standard of the GHG Protocol.


CO2Path equips supply chain stakeholders with the right tools to:

  1. Collect primary data from supply chain partners
  2. Ensure emissions data validity
  3. Generate accurate emissions reports
  4. Facilitate external verification of claims


Mr. Nikolaos Tsoniotis (Product Manager) holds an MEng in Electronic Engineering & Electronic Communication Engineering and has worked as a Telecommunications R&D Engineer. He has worked as a researcher in academia investigating emerging technologies such as Blockchains and IoT. He is managing partner of Ideas Forward, focused on blockchain technologies and applications.


Dr. Dimitrios Kourtesis (Project Lead, Carbon Accounting Researcher) holds a PhD in Computer Science. He has been working in technology research, software system design and new product development since 2005. This includes several projects relating to cloud service architectures, semantic technologies, data analytics and the Internet of Things, as well as expert consulting work on CO2 emissions reporting for the European Commission Joint Research Centre. He is managing partner of Ideas Forward.


Dr. Stefanos Tsiakmakis holds a PhD and an MEng in Mechanical Engineering from Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and Ecole Centrale Paris, and a BSc in Applied Economics from Université Paris Dauphine. He has worked in various roles in projects for academia, private sector, and the European Commission. During his collaboration with the Joint Research Centre he focused on the development of CO2 emissions simulation for light-duty vehicles. He is a managing partner at Ideas Forward.


Mr. Charalampos Argyriou holds a BSc in Applied Informatics. He has worked as an R&D engineer on data management systems, machine learning and predictive algorithms. He currently works as a blockchain developer in the field of supply chain management.


Mr. Stefanos Doumpoulakis holds an MSc in Information Systems. He has worked as a Research Assistant in academia for a decade where he designed and implemented web applications, 3D applications, and distributed systems. He currently works as a senior software engineer and oversees AWS cloud services implementations.

Blockchain experience

Our team has been working in the field of transportation emissions for several years. Since 2019 we have been developing Hyperledger-based solutions for supply chain traceability and supporting the Joint Research Centre and DG CLIMA as technical consultants on technologies for the collection of large-scale CO2 emissions data from vehicles.

CO2Path combines this background work to create and commercialise a blockchain-powered data platform helping supply chain networks to 1) collect primary data, 2) ensure the data is valid, 3) generate accurate emission reports, 4) facilitate external verification.

CO2Path leverages blockchain technologies to help meet the challenges of data availability and trust by allowing emissions data to securely flow across organisational boundaries and providing an immutable audit trail so that emissions calculations can be verifiable.