TruBlo will fund your early stage idea for trustable content on future blockchains

Next open call to apply for funding:

Opening date: January 27, 2022 – 12:00 PM CET

Closing date: March 30, 2022 – 17:00 PM CET 

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Focus of TruBlo

Trust is essential for our society, for how we work, interact and trade with each other.

But more recently we experience a crisis of trust, because of more and more disinformation. For the individual it is impossible to check everything before reading, seeing, hearing. We must start to innovate, to develop next generation software, platforms and tools, using blockchain technology.  Under the European Commission Next Generation Internet initiative, TruBlo started in September 2020.

EQuity-Free Funding

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Apply Blockchain Technology For Trustable Content

Professional support and mentoring

TruBlo will conduct three open calls to innovate towards trustable content using blockchain technology

To select the teams receiving funding TruBlo will initiate three open calls. Selected participants can get up to 175.000 Euro for their project. The total available amount of funding  is 4,2 million Euro.

From the first interaction to the selection of the best ideas – we want to bring together innovators  in a unique community of early technology research. Contribute to the next generation internet. Read our FAQ to see who can participate and what the criteria are. 

Target participants are researchers, innovators and developers either as natural person(s) or from academia as well as from high tech companies including SMEs, legally established in an EU Member State, H2020 associated countries or Overseas Countries and Territories (OCT) linked to the Member States.


What is distributed trust?

“The blockchain is at the forefront of a revolution affecting the way we carry out transactions. It enables individuals to carry out operations among themselves, particularly those of a financial nature, which are guaranteed without the involvement of a trusted third party. This speeds up such interactions, and reduces their cost.”

Yves Caseau and Serge Soudoplatoff

2016, Fondapol

“The easiest way to think of it is trust that flows through networks, marketplaces and platforms. And so it takes trust away from a top-down institution and decentralizes it using technology.”

Rachel Botsman

Author of "Who Can You Trust?", Lecturer at University of Oxford

Preparing TruBlo Call #2 

Opening date: 14 June, 2021, 12:00 PM CET

Closing date: 10 September 2021, 12:00 PM CET 

Short description: The TruBlo project aims to nurture and facilitate research on blockchain technology which will lead to more scalable blockchain-based solutions and applications, that will contribute to ensuring the exchange of trustworthy and reliable content on social networks and media. The objective of TruBlo Open Call 1 is to invite academic teams, researchers, SMEs and startups to define and implement small scale research projects on two related focus areas: 

  •  Trust and reputation models on blockchains 

This focus area targets innovative applications, technologies, technical approaches and methodologies that increase the levels of trust in blockchain-based information exchange, with emphasis on user generated content on the Internet and social media, considering also data from IoT infrastructures.

  • Proof-of-validity and proof-of-location

This focus area is on innovative mechanisms to increase transparency and trustworthiness of user generated genuine content. The users, as being part of a blockchain, can apply additional verification mechanisms to increase transparency, validity and high level of trustworthiness, such as Proof- of-Location and Proof-of Validity. 

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