Trusted remote audits based on proof-of-presence, proof-of-location, proof-of-time


Companies operating in regulated industries must undergo audits by independent bodies or regulatory authorities. These audits are usually performed through physical visits to the audited companies, reviewing documents, and possibly research and manufacturing facilities. Is now possible to perform remote audits, also known as e-audits or audit 4.0, in which information is presented to auditors through forms such as live streaming and electronic documentation software.

Trust is the main issue with conducting a remote audit, especially when audits involve research and manufacturing facilities. Physical access allows for a more thorough search for physical evidence that is crucial for identifying critical issues.

EverDok will provide solutions to this challenge by addressing all dimensions necessary to establish trust, i.e. confidentiality, integrity and availability. EverDok is working on establishing a fully approved environment for trusted remote audits, clearly extending the current status of research and practical implementations. EverDok is not only looking at a replacement/extension of current point-in-time audits, but to extent to the broader concept of continuous audits, where data is collected automatically and continuously.


  • The proposed project plans to enable remote auditors to generate trusted and immutable data that is securely stored, shared and tracked. This will support the broader adoption of trusted remote auditing services. We expect to see remote audit services to experience further growth and the need for secure, transparent and compatible data sharing.
  • Commercialisation


Name of the person Role in the project
Dr. Guenther Hoffmann project lead, security, research, implementation, blockchain
Dr. Ulrike Schuster compliance specialist, audit processes