Farmer Connect

SSI Trust for Blockchain


“Farmer Connect” specializes in blockchain traceability for disaggregated supply chains which include over half a billion smallholders producing a significant amount of the global food volume, including coffee and cocoa. By uniting Self Sovereign Identify (SSI) and blockchain we can establish trust among the player along the supply chain – to date, we have had some success providing farmers with digital SSI wallets where they can confirm the receipt of cash payments for goods traced through the blockchain. This will improve supply chain transparency and put smallholders in a better position to capture a bigger portion of the value of the final product. SSI will help give voice and control to smallholders about their profile, data and how it is used in countries far away from them.


Kristian Doolan – Project Manager
Mr. Doolan is an Integration Specialist & Senior Project Manager who has been working with business transformations, tech & agriculture for almost 25 years as a leader and advocate of positive change.

Kristof Szabo – Research Lead
Project Manager by day and start-upper, researcher and backyard scientist by night. Mission and impact-driven with 15+ years of work experience in IT and (mostly) agricultural commodities. Currently working with mathematical optimization and AI to create something new for the world.

Matteo Locher – SSI Lead
Mr Locher is a software engineer with vast experience in software development and architecture in various industries. He has created solutions in government, health care and the machine industry.

Fabian Portman – Blockchain Lead and Research advisor
Mr Portmann is the Chief Technology Officer, has a PhD in Mathematics with a strong background in Physics. He was a consultant for IBM on Blockchain, AI, and Data Science. Fabian oversees product design and engineering.

Blockchain experience

Being a start-up farmer connect has early adoption in its DNA with most of the team picking up blockchain including experimenting and mining from the start of Bitcoin. With the industry focus and wanting to enable fully trustable & long term sustainable change, we teamed up with IBM to leverage their Transparent Supply blockchain platform and enhance the offering tailoring specifically for sustainability and the smallholder market.