Identity Authentication Module 

Project Description 

The project aims to develop a cutting-edge technological product in the field of cybersecurity and blockchain capable of optimizing the collection process of personal and UGC data and information without any risks to privacy in all those cases in which the convergence of data, positioning, time and digital identification of the person is of particular importance and economic value. Consider, for example, the (certain) registration of attendance in public places such as shops, hospitals and offices, streamlining existing registration procedures. Furthermore, it is possible to consider all those activities that require the certification of the identity and presence of a person for activities carried out remotely. The key element of the solution will be a hardware device that with a simple click will be able to generate a multi-parametric and guaranteed representation of the user and his situation. This representation can then be sent to a blockchain-based backend to make the shared information immutable. The novel device will in fact enhance the blockchain technology capabilities by providing certainties (in terms of who did what where) on the data that can be stored on the blockchain.


  • (i) Automatise and simplify the collection and combination of the data useful for the unambiguous identification of people at a given time and space. 
  • (ii) Achieve the integration of fusing and encryption algorithms to protect personal and UGC information. 
  • (iii) Enable access to the fused data in a stratified way: different people can access different levels of information, depending on the authorisation level. 
  • (iv) Offert guarantees the whole process in target applications fields, including the proof of location for remote tasks.


Alessio Gugliotta (Project Manager / Business developer)

Alessio got his PhD in Computer Science at the University of Udine (Italy). At the Open University (UK) he carried out research activities in the field of semantic web and service-oriented architectures. He took part in many ICT research and development projects at national and European levels, where he was involved both in technical activities and in the management and exploitation of the innovative results of the projects. Alessio’s research interest is in the areas of Knowledge Modeling and Representation, Service Oriented Computing, Semantic Web Services, Linked Data, IoT, and Cognitive Computing. He was one of the creators and developers of the AVATR solution. He has also had experience in business management, as the sole director of an innovative startup (Novapp srl) in the field of mobile applications, and business development for SMEs and research centres within a consulting firm specializing in technology transfer. He has been one of the teachers (ICT area) of the Global Startup 2019 course organized by ICE and has been recently included in the list of Innovation Managers managed by MISE.

Marko Vujasinovic (Technical Manager / Solution Architect)

Marko has more than 15 years of experience in software development in ICT research and industrial environments. He holds a PhD in Computer Science. He has worked as a lead developer, project leader, product manager, and researcher for companies of different sizes and maturities, including small start-ups, private research centres, and large institutions such as the US National Institute of Standards and Technology. He has extensive experience in software development, knowledge modelling, ontology engineering, and semantic retrieval. He was one of the creators and developers of the AVATR solution, of which he was particularly responsible for the server-side development aspects, including the security, privacy, knowledge representation and matchmaking modules.

Angelo Giove (Blockchain expert)

Engineer in computer science from Politecnico di Bari, an expert in blockchain and information systems, database development and languages (with experience in Oracle Database, MongoDB), data warehousing, business intelligence, and application architectures in different sectors, from energy and utilities to the telecommunications industry. He has full-stack developer experience for more than 10 years.

Edoardo Gazzella (Mobile / IoT expert)

Master in Data Science and Machine Learning at Politecnico di Torino. Full-stack developer with 5 years of experience in the development of mobile applications (native Android and Hybrid) and their respective back-ends. Knowledgeable of several programming languages (Java, Javascript, Kotlin, Dart) and frameworks (REACT, Flutter) for the development and solutions for data acquisition from IoT devices.

Blockchain experience

AVATR srl aims at meeting the precise needs for specialized and innovative skills and technologies in the field of application of technologies of collection (Internet of Everything), analysis (Artificial Intelligence) and secure and transparent management (Blockchain) of data. Specifically, we successfully applied blockchain technology in two distinct projects in the area of Industry 4.0, for tracking maintenance activities in one project and certifying data reporting in the second project. With the I-AM project, we aim to enhance the quality of the data that can be pushed into a blockchain including the data about “who did what” by remaining compliant with the GDPR.