Trusted IoT data for global environment monitoring


Today’s IoT environmental monitoring systems are of two types: 1) either they are closed to any external participation, i.e. only a specific organisation conducts the monitoring, so citizens cannot participate, or 2) they are open to anybody to register a device and provide monitoring data, but do not provide any guarantee on that data, thus the value of these data is too limited, making it difficult to trust the information generated.

LoRaTRUST proposes a new concept of attributing value to both the measured IoT data and the IoT devices (sensor nodes and gateways). LoRaTRUST will leverage blockchain-based distributed ledger to register and account the contribution of IoT devices and their data, and enabling a data trust system that contributes to the trustworthiness of the IoT data.

The technologies developed in LoRaTRUST will enable novel open and public IoT infrastructures, sustained by incentives for participation, where the data produced will become of value for diverse stakeholders. The expected impact consists in the growth of trustful environmental monitoring applications that will become omnipresent, enlarging greatly the societal knowledge of environmental impact in both the urban and rural areas.


Saulo Jacques – Project Coordinator

Felix Freitag – Research Leader

Pedro Vilchez – Development Leader

Valentina Cristofoli – Market and Business Leader

Sergi Lanuza – Developer

Aram Puig – Developer

Eloi Harillo – Developer


  • A data trust system that enhances the value of data produced by the IoT devices.
  • An accounting system for data device owner and data producer contributions to the network


The LoRaTRUST team has several years of experience working with blockchain technologies and decentralized systems. Our fields of expertise are the research and the development of decentralized applications that integrate blockchain technology. Recently, we started looking at the application of blockchain for the IoT.


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