Ubiwhere aims to help people understand the impact of small gestures (such as mobility options) on their communities through usable technology. One of such solutions is GoGreen. GoGreen consists of a digital rewarding mechanism based on Blockchain technology. Smart Contracts, based on Ethereum, enable rewarding mechanisms for end-users who opt for sustainable mobility options (transit, EVs, and other light modes of transportation). The system ensures transparency and trustworthiness between the different stakeholders.
After overcoming the challenge that people select sustainable means, our main challenge relies on the lack of trustworthiness of the user-generated content regarding their location and transit because GPS data can be spoofed. We aim to research innovative mechanisms to improve transparency and trustworthiness, attest GoGreen end-users presence at specific geographic locations at certain times since GoGreen rewards require that geographic locations claimed by users are factual. This proposal named POSER will enrich GoGreen with a Dynamic Proof of Location scheme to validate the transportation options taken by the commuters and validate the Smart Contracts’ conditions.


Role: Leading the technical development and defining the architecture for POSER.
Role: Managing the team to ensure the allocation of resources and delivery of results in time.
Role: Research and development of dynamic proof of location algorithms and adaptation of GoGreen Blockchain-based Smart Contracts
Role: Integration of software components in Edge Computing architectures and devices.
Role: Leading the business development activities and adopting the outcomes into a product.

Blockchain experience

With a strong focus on developing innovative technological solutions for Telecom (5G) and Smart Cities, Ubiwhere aims to empower integrated urban management, having researched in the last 14 years around upgrading street furniture to become intelligent, connected and sustainable. Ubiwhere’s City Nervous System offers the necessary technology to upgrade street furniture (such as lampposts, cabinets or kiosks) with wireless, computing, networking, storage and administration capabilities turning it into neutral hosting and edge computing platforms for 5G deployment, implementation of IoT and EV Charging as well as data collection and analysis via open and standard interfaces. In this context, Ubiwhere has several past and ongoing R&D projects that include blockchain technology. One project is named GoGreen. Here gamification systems have been developed in NodeJS and React, combined with integrated rewards in cryptocurrency. The project is ready for commercial roll-out. Another project/product is the Thumbeo Corporate that consists of an intelligent solution that digitalises a company’s fleet management and uses Blockchain-based Smart Contracts and AI methods to create Digital Twins of the vehicles.