Trustable Land Property Registry


The project proposes to build an innovative and sustainable cadastre and land property registry with a blockchain-based trusted and reputable model. Trustcad will use blockchain technology to make the information related to cadastre and land transactions more secure. This research project addresses critical challenges of the proposed solution: how privacy is guaranteed and incentivizes collaboration of blockchain cadastres across EU and candidate countries.


Name Role in the project Competencies and experiences
Flavio Forabosco (M) – Team Leader Prepare the IT structure of the blockchain cadastre, identify stakeholders, policymakers, and end-users, and provide technical support to blockchain developers. Associate professor and international expert Flavio has worked for many governments and international organizations for 20+ years. Long experience in blockchain.
Barbara Meneghini (F) – Project Manager Oversee the preparation, validation, and commercialization of the entire blockchain product. Barbara is the CEO of AgriClima and a well-known expert with 10+ years of experience. She has two years of experience in blockchain for land property and the modernization of the cadastre.
Franz Gjeluci (M) – Blockchain Lawyer Contribute to the preparation of legal blockchain, privacy, and copyright issues. Furthermore, he will guide the blockchain developers to prepare a blockchain product that fits Albania’s specific needs. MSc in Commercial Law at Bologna University, Franz combines 10+ years of experience in legal issues in Albania with his familiarity with the Albanian cadastre, real estate, and tax system.
Helga Sallaku (F) – Head of Blockchain Platform Development Write the codes, prepare the web interfaces, create the blocks, enhance security, incorporate AI, and interact with large datasets. Helga has many “blockchain” arrows in her quiver, including BSc and MSc in computer science and a position as a computer science lecturer at university. Her fields are next-generation blockchain, blockchain web programming, and networking administration.
Valdrin Kraja –Blockchain Developer Smart contracts developer, nodes, interfaces, security blocks, design administration forms, and enhance trust on the cadastre blockchain. With a BSc in mechatronics specializing in IT and software development, Valdrin is a young and skilled IT expert, system administrator, and experienced developer.





















Blockchain Experience

AgriClima fields of expertise are next-generation blockchain, blockchain development, big data, algorithms, software engineering, and networking administration.