Truth Seekers Chain

To stop the spread of fake news and tampered contents


Misinformation and fake news are a burden for our democracies, affecting society and the economy. TSC designs a methodology and implements an open ecosystem with the objective to stop the spread of fake news and tampered contents generated by users on the internet and social media. Particularly, it focuses on social network analysis tools, distributed independent verifiers of content veracity and on a beyond-state-of-the-art technological framework (self-sovereign identity, blockchain, Machine Learning-based tools and bots screening) to increase trust and to ensure transparency and accountability. 


TSC is proposed by a consortium of 2 partners: Gruppo SIGLA srl (SME, project coordinator) and CIPI (research entity, project scientific coordinator).

SIGLA, established in 1990 in Genova (Italy), is an Italian SME with high-skilled experts providing IT solutions and digital services focusing on 2 domains: Industrial Automation and Software Services. Since 2006, the company focuses on research and innovation projects, constantly engaged in technology transfer activities to develop innovative know-how and disruptive solutions. Its R&D department works on funded projects (EU, Italian and others) and networking activities.

CIPI (Center for Information Platform Engineering) is an Inter-University Research Center established in 2007 by the University of Padua, of Genoa and of Sassari (Italy) to promote multidisciplinary research, technology development and technology transfer about Information Processing Platforms. CIPI activities involve scholars also from other cooperating institutions, through collaboration and through joint projects.

Key People

Together with CIPI (Universities of Padova, Genova and Sassari), the company funded a joint laboratory – called CyberTooth – for performing research on cyber-security on Internet of Things, Smart Cities and Distributed Ledger (among others).

Blockchain experience

TSC brings together a consortium benefitting of a strong, multidisciplinary, complementary, and well-balanced team of experts. The consortium offers a balance between complementary and overlapping expertise, achieving a degree of redundancy in the skills necessary to attain the project objectives. This approach is designed to minimize risks, facilitate knowledge exchange, and maximize innovation opportunities and exploitation potential.

More specifically, SIGLA contributes by providing a business and industry perspective while CIPI supports the project’s awareness with scientifically up-to-date vision thanks to the active research on blockchain and distributed ledgers domain, as shown in selected, existing scientific publications:

  • M. Guerar, A. Merlo, M. Migliardi, F. Palmieri and L. Verderame, 2020,”A Fraud-Resilient Blockchain-Based Solution for Invoice Financing
  • D. Pedrini, M. Migliardi, C. Ferrari, A. Merlo, 2018, “On The Case of Blockchain Adoption in the Internet of Things”