Online conference: How can we fight disinformation using data and technology?

How to develop and apply new tools and approaches. A one day conference, free to attend.

Organized by Fandango, an EU co-funded project, the event will focus on new approaches as well as the role of the EU ICT policies in this field.
How can we create new tools? How can AI be used to detect misinformation? Is there a way to expose falsified or misleading content?
On the agenda:
  • The role of the EU’s ICT policies to protect European values, markets and citizens against disinformation.
  • Rethinking the possibilities of data and technology in the fight against disinformation.
  • EU’s ICT ecosystem against disinformation: the challenges ahead

This is the full agenda.

The discussion is open to everybody. Feel free to share the invitation with others who might be interested.
March 26th, Friday at 09:00 am (CET)

17. March 2021

Written by Mirko Lorenz

Mirko Lorenz, Innovation Manager Research and Cooperation team at Deutsche Welle. More: DW Innovation

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