Three use cases for timestamps: General benefits, use by media and to fight misinformation.

For NGI Forum 2021 WordProof joined us for a brief presentation. Here are the slides.

Slides from Sebastiaan van der Lans presenting at the joing TruBlo/Ontochain workshop for NGI Forum 2021.
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Use case: How media companies benefit from timestamps

The second document is a presentation of how NRC, a large Dutch media publisher, uses timestamps for SEO (search engine optimization). A key element here: It can be determined who published the content and when. While search engines are currently not considering timestamps this could change in the near future, because even Google and co. would welcome verifiable data about the content.
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Timestamps and disinformation: EU research results

Yet another use case for timestamps is to fight misinformation. In principle this could work in the way of positive proof, in the future.  Articles with a valid timestamp could be shown, while content without such quality marks could be filtered down.

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11. June 2021

Written by Mirko Lorenz

Mirko Lorenz, Innovation Manager Research and Cooperation team at Deutsche Welle. More: DW Innovation

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